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Introducing our Brand Ambassador Stefan!

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

We are pleased to announce bringing on a new member of the team - The one and only Stefan Sebestjanowicz.

Stefan Sebestjanowicz The Central Workshop Ambassador
Stefan lost in the jungle!

We first met Stefan on a freezing snowy day at Stile Cop downhill trails, near Rugeley in 2008. Since then we have been great friends and riding buddies, helping each other through thick and thin. So thirteen years later, we are so proud to welcome Stefan to The Central Workshop's inner circle helping out with promoting the business.

Of course, he will be starting the 2021 season sporting a custom hand built wheelset made by Stu, in Stefan's chosen components and colour scheme. They truly match his personality - bold, wacky and so much fun.

He wanted a robust wheelset to hit the big trail features. You can't go wrong with a pair of Stans Flow MK3, they eat gnarly trails for breakfast but don't tip the scales dramatically. This wheelset is going to be on his Cube E-Bike, so a strong wheelset was important for the component choice. He also wanted to keep it lightweight enough to maintain maneuverability whilst in the air - the extra weight of an E-bike Stefan says is one of the downsides of 'going electric'. That's what made the Hope Technology Pro 4 an easy choice for the hubs. With a choice of funky anodized colours, you cant get better bang for buck in terms of quality and reliability, and to top it off they are manufactured in the UK at Hope's production facility up north in Barnoldswick, Lancashire.

All laced together with Sapim Leader spokes and Sapim purple/blue Polyax alloy nipples. The spokes were custom cut to perfection and sent from Spokes from Ryan (and Pete). A personal favorite feature of mine is matching hubs and nipples - it's often the small details that make a big impact at the finish!

To finish off the build and add that extra pop, you can't underestimate the impact of matching coloured rim decals. We ordered these from Swedish graphic masters Slik Graphics - the decals are amazing quality, durable and super easy to apply. Id recommend checking out their website if you want some decals for your wheels or other bike parts.

As with every wheelset to come out of The Central Workshop, they were laced using Stu's favourite 'Musson method' and trued laterally and radially to <0.1mm using our Park Tool TS 2.2P wheel truing jig. The spokes are tensioned to comply with the rim/spoke manufacturers tolerances with no more than 5% variance on each side of the wheel. This is Stu's tried and tested method of building a solid and robust wheel, built to last.

If you'd like a custom hand built set of hoops to begin the 2021 season, get in touch with us today :-)

Custom hand built mountain bike wheels Stans Flow MK3 laced to purple Hope Pro 4 hubs
Stefan's Stans Flow MK3 laced to purple boost Hope Pro 4s and custom decals from Slik Graphics

Stans Flow MK3 with custom decals from Slik Graphics
Stans Flow MK3 with matching Sapim nipples

Hope Pro 4s with Shimano HG freehub driver in purple with matching Sapim nipples
Hope Pro 4s in schlurple purple

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