Hand built Wheels on a wheel Jig


Treat yourself to a pair of custom built wheels from The Central Workshop.


You choose the components to suit your budget and riding style and leave the rest to us.

We offer free consultations if you need help deciding what wheels would suit your bike, riding style and budget. After the consultation, we compile no obligation quotes. If all all is happy then we send the formal quote to you via Paypal. Paying via Paypal offers fantastic consumer protection for your peace of mind.

See here for a list of brands we can source for your new build


Rim choice in an important part of the custom build. Firstly you will need to know the size of wheels to fit your bike. We can advise on this if you have your bike make and model to hand, or even send us a photograph. We will also need to know if you run disc or rim brakes in order to choose the correct rim type.

Materials of rim is an important choice. Carbon rims are popular for road/triathlon racing and also make a lightweight strong mountain bike wheel. Alloy rims give a good value to money ratio and are the most popular rim material for a good all round performing wheelset whilst keeping costs down.



A good quality, sealed bearings hubset should last you a lifetime if properly looked after and serviced. To choose the correct hubs for your bike, first we will need to know the dimensions of your fork and frame dropouts - the width in which the hub sits in the dropouts. The most sure fire way to find this out is to take your wheels out and measure the space in between. Sometimes shop listings of bikes on websites, and even manufacturers websites don't provide accurate enough specifications.

We will also need to know how the hub axle is attached. For example, this could be quick release skewers or thru axles. 

The type of driver or freehub is also a piece of information we need to know. This is the part of the rear hub the cassette fixes onto. Common driver types include Shimano HG, Shimano Microspline, SRAM XD or SRAM XDR.



Spoke choice and spoke number will depend on a number of factors. ​

- Rider Weight
- Use of the bike​
- Is weight saving important?
- E-Bike or regular
- Interface to the hub flanges - straight pull or J-bend
- Cost of the spokes
- Colour choice - generally we work with silver or black